Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY ice cream cake! Easy to make dairy free or lactose free!

Ice cream cakes were a big part of family birthday parties when I was a kid, especially for my dad and I who have birthdays that were often so hot that a warm cake fresh out of the oven didn't even sound appealing. But we always bought our ice cream cakes, and until recently I didn't even realize you could make your own! As an adult, I became lactose intolerant and thought I could never again have ice cream cake. Luckily I looked it up, and it's actually super easy!! There are actually tons of recipes and ideas online, and after reading them, here's the technique I came up with to make a ridiculously easy, custom ice cream cake to impress your friends, family, and taste buds on hot summer days.

What you need

A regular cake recipe you like (I used this one and divided it into three: )
Ice cream (I used an entire box of lactose free Breyer's chocolate ice cream), thawed until just slightly softened
Oreos (I used about half a family sized package as crushed Oreos, plus a few more as decoration)
Round cake pans
Plastic wrap
Parchment papern.  

What you do

Bake your cake, being sure to line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper. Remove from pan and allow to cool with parchment paper facing down. 
Wash cake pans
Line cake pans with plastic wrap
Crush Oreos
Place crushed Oreos in bottom of plastic wrap lined pan
Place softened ice cream on top of Oreos. Spread until fairly flat. Cover with plastic wrap
Freeze for 4 hours
Stack layers of cake and ice cream
Frost if desired (i used homemade buttercream frosting)
Decorate top with halves of Oreos if desired. 
Eat and enjoy! 
I made mine a 7 layer cake in honor of our 7th wedding anniversary. If you want to make a slightly less complicated one, try two layers of cake and just one layer of ice cream, in the middle of the two cake layers. You won't need the whole box of ice cream, and it won't be so absurdly (yet wonderfully) tall at the end!
You can substitute almond milk or coconut milk ice cream for the traditional ice cream in this recipe to make it dairy free. 
This would obviously be delicious with any flavor of cake and ice cream that captures your imagination! I chose chocolate because I was so excited that Breyer's came out with more than just vanilla in lactose free!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Awesome new brand: Nickel & Suede

One of my friends who is amazingly creative and fashionable just launched a new brand of accessories!
Kilee from One Little Momma has long been selling amazing leather baby and kid belts in her Etsy shop One Little Belt, but has now branched out with bracelets, earrings, and more with Nickel & Suede
Her focus in Nickel & Suede is stylish leather and metal accessories, and my favorite is these awesome leather earrings: 
Please ignore the leaning baby who hates ring slings...look at the pretty earrings!

Besides classic neutrals like silver and gold, Kilee also keeps her store stocked with leather earrings and bracelets in trendy colors. I have my eye on these orchid beauties:

Anyway, to celebrate their launch, Nickel & Suede is hosting giveaways on their Facebook and Instagram pages and on the One Little Momma blog, so hurry on over to take part in all the fun! You can also follow them on Twitter.

I received no compensation for this post. I bought the earrings I mentioned myself because they are so cute!