Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Star Wars Workbook Review

What they are
The Star Wars Workbook collection is a new set of math, reading, and writing workbooks for preschool through second grade based on the characters and lore of the Star Wars universe. 

Who made them
Workman Publishing, one of the top publishing houses in the nation. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Our thoughts

We got to check out Star Wars Workbook: Preschool Shapes, Colors, and Patterns, Star Wars Workbook: Kindergarten Phonics and ABCs, and Star Wars Workbook: Kindergarten Writing and ABCs and loved all three. The preschool book was a little easy for my son who is almost 5, but not so easy that it was boring for him. The kindergarten phonics book seemed just right for him, and the writing book was hard for him, but not so hard that he couldn't do it. 
I really love that the Star Wars theme was so well incorporated into all the activities but not at the expense of educational content. The theme really enhanced the learning, and motivated my son to want to do more pages and do them well!


Good for both boys and girls

Only pre-k through 2nd grade available right now

The bottom line
If you are a parent, teacher, or otherwise involved in teaching a child from 3-7 who likes Star Wars, these books are a must-have!

Get it

The Star Wars workbooks are available from Amazon, most for $5.66 each at time of posting. They've also appeared on Zulily, so keep your eyes open for them there too!

I received sample copies of these books for free to review but received no other compensation for this post. Amazon links are affiliate links, so if you choose to use one, your price stays the same but I get a teensy bit of Amazon's profits. 

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