Monday, August 4, 2014

$3 DIY Nursing Infinity Scarf with supplies from Michael's!

Did you know this week is World Breastfeeding Week? To celebrate, I created this all new tutorial to make your own infinity scarf that can double as a nursing cover if you're breastfeeding in public and want a little (or a lot) more coverage than your clothes alone provide. 

What you need

A t-shirt, size XL or larger. I used a Gildan t-shirt in heathered sapphire that was on sale at Michael's for $3, but you can find the same shirt on Amazon too for a little more, or use a different shirt in XL or larger. 

Sewing machine
Ballpoint needle

What you do
Lay t-shirt flat on a big table or floor
Cut down sides just to the inside of armpits, through both layers of the shirt
Cut straight across front below neckline
Cut straight across back just below neckline
Lay front and back of shirt end to end, so that there is an unfinished edge next to what used to be the bottom of the shirt

Pin shirt so that finished seam (former bottom of shirt) will be on top of the unfinished edge

Sew the two pieces together (I used a black thread so you can see my terrible stitching. My preschooler was distracting me. Obviously if you use a color that matches your fabric it won't stand out like this does.) Don't forget to use a bit of backwards stitching at the beginning and end to secure it!

To keep your stitching straight, try having edge of hemmed shirt bottom line up with the edge of the presser foot. Too bad I didn't think of that while sewing the first hem!

Next pin the two unsewed edges together so that again, the finished hem that used to be the bottom of the shirt is on top. 

Stitch it up
Clip threads and trim edges as needed
Style it as desired!

To nurse, simply unwrap and un-scrunch it and position as desired. I like to have it under the arm of whichever side I'm nursing on. You can make it cover a little:

my preschooler let me borrow his ninja turtle since my real nursling was asleep
Or a lot

blurry photo also thanks to my preschooler
And Voila! For $3 you have a nursing infinity scarf that you can wear with you out and about to provide a little more coverage while nursing if that's something you're looking for. 

  • It'd be very cute and fun to tie dye the shirt either before or after transforming it into a scarf
  • This scarf is not very long, so I'd definitely not recommend doing it with a large t-shirt or any other size smaller than XL.
  • This would also be awesome to do with XL or larger tees from the thrift store (probably even less than $3!!)or souvenir shirt from a vacation!
  • If shirts aren't on sale at Michael's, they usually have a coupon available on their website!

While I personally like to use a cover, I unequivocally support the rights of all mothers to nurse with or without a cover wherever they may be, free from harassment or penalty. 

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Candace Freilich said...

Great tip and tutorial!

I hadn't used scarves as covers before until I was doing some shopping in Hawaii. A sales lady showing me a few ways to tie a scarf to make it both cute and easy to use as a cover. Now I use them all the time!