Sunday, August 3, 2014

Little Elliot Big City children's book review

What it is
Little Elliot Big City is a children's book about an elephant named Little Elliot who lives in a big city and feels too small sometimes. 

Who wrote it
Little Elliot Big City is written and illustrated by Mike Curato, who can be found on Facebook and Twitter, and is published by Henry Holt, which is a Macmillian imprint. You can connect with Henry Holt on Facebook, Twittertumblr and YouTube.

What we thought
My sons and I love Little Elliot Big City. The illustrations are just gorgeous, and for me, illustrations really make or break a children's book. When we first got the book, my sons both sat on my lap to listen to it three times in a row before going off to play other things. This book is sweet and charming without seeming frivolous or fake. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that there wasn't an explanation of why there is a small polka dot elephant living in the big city. Since this is his introductory book, and small elephants in big cities are highly unusual (Elliot is probably the first ever), it seems like a lot of people will probably wonder about that. I hope they provide Elliot's origin story in a future book.
My husband thought the story was okay for preschoolers and great for toddlers, and the pictures excellent. He thought they were reminiscent of an comparable in quality to the pictures in the Polar Express. His only complaint was the same as mine--the lack of a back story
I predict Little Elliot will become a household name like Spot and Paddington and Cordurory. 

Beautiful illustrations
Positive message

Lack of origin story

The bottom line
Little Elliot Big City is a deceptively simple, beautifully illustrated children's book about friendship and teamwork that I predict will become a classic. 


Get it
You can buy Little Elliot Big City beginning August 26th for $16.99 at stores and sites around the country. Pre-order it on Amazon now-priced at $13.59 at time of posting this review:

I received a free advanced copy of this book from Macmillian to review but received no other compensation for this post.