Monday, September 22, 2014

Dino Farm Book Review

What it is
Dinosaur Farm is a picture book about life on a farm...full of dinosaurs!

Who wrote it
Frann Preston-Gannon, an up & coming British illustrator of adorable picture books and winner of the Sendak Fellowship. She blogs and shares news of upcoming books and tweets as @FrannPG. You can also connect with her on Facebook .

Dinosaur Farm is published by Sterling Books who tweet as @SterlingBooks and are on Instagram as @SterlingBooks. 

Our thoughts
My sons and I really enjoyed this book, both the illustrations and story. It reminded me a little of the Goofy shorts (that I love) where the narrator sounds like he's doing a serious instructional video, but Goofy is totally botching it. In similarly subtle humor (but minus the Goofy slapstick), the text of Dinosaur Farm, with lines like "Sometimes your animals will get very dirty and they will need a good scrub." could be describing any ordinary farm,
but instead of pigs and cattle and chicken, the illustrations feature colorful dinosaurs being cared for by the farmer. 

Both my 1.5 and 5 year old have brought this book to me to read many times since we bought it. It's funny and cute without being overly complicated.
Personally I especially love the colors and textures she chose for the illustrations. It makes me wish there was Dinosaur Farm fabric so I could sew a cozy fall quilt for my sons full of greens and browns and blues and occasional pops of red. 

  • Cute
  • Funny

  • No fabric line (yet) (hint hint, Frann!)

The bottom line
Dinosaur Farm is an eye-catching, humorous book bound to appeal to all dinosaur lovers under 6 or so. 

Get it

You can buy Dinosaur Farm on Amazon for $10.68 at time of posting this review

Thank you to Sterling Books for providing a review copy of this book. I received no other compensation for this post. 

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