Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY carrier infographic!

I'm in some DIY Babywearing groups on Facebook and other sites and noticed many people have the same basic questions when they are first starting out with making their own baby carriers. I thought this infographic might help answer some of those common questions!

Safety note: please keep in mind though that the carriers that are easiest to make aren't always the easiest to use safely (no sew athletic mesh for example requires no sewing but can be extremely tricky to use safely), and the carriers easiest to use aren't necessarily easy to make (soft-structured carriers with buckles for example are some of the most beginner friendly carriers but are fairly advanced sewing). Always use caution with baby carriers and do lots of research and practice with dolls or stuffed animals before trusting your child's life to a carrier, and remember that's exactly the risk you are taking every time you use a carrier, whether it is handmade or otherwise. It's totally possible and worth it to sew adorable, sturdy, comfortable carriers at home for personal use, but it does take knowledge, skill, and diligence to make sure you're doing it in a way that will ensure safety for your child!

Anyway, feel free to share anywhere you like, but please link it back to this blog if you can, and do not remove the part with my URL! Thanks!!

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