Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Super Easy Italian Breadsticks Kitchen Hack!!!

A long time ago I tried the almost famous breadsticks recipe but wasn't a big fan, because I'm not good at shaping my breadsticks evenly. Luckily my husband liked the way they tasted so much he encouraged me to make them again, and even more luckily, I remembered a technique a fast food place I used to work made their breadsticks and figured out how to modify it to work in my own kitchen! So anyway, this is the easiest way to to make evenly shaped breadsticks ever, and they taste as good as they look!

What you need
Lasagna pan-mine is 11x14 and I recommend getting one that does not have a nonstick coating, like this one:

Pizza cutter and/or butter knife
Cloth napkin or placemat

What you do
Make and knead your bread dough according to the recipe
Oil bottom of lasagna pan
Spread dough evenly along bottom of pan

Put a little oil on your pizza cutter and/or knife
Use pizza cutter and/or bread knife to cut dough into even strips

Cover lasagna pan with cloth napkin or cloth placemat to prevent drying while rising
Allow breadsticks to rise
Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes as specified in recipe
Rub a stick of cold butter across the tops of the breadsticks then sprinkle with garlic salt and Italian seasonings, or with cinnamon sugar

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