Monday, October 13, 2014

The Monsterator Children's Book Review

What it is
The Monsterator is a picture book about Master Edgar Dreadbury who finds Halloween dreadfully boring...until a mysterious shop appears out of nowhere with a Monsterator inside. The book also includes a unique monster making feature at the end of the story. 

Who wrote it
The Monsterator is written by Keith Graves. It is published by Roaring Brook Press.

Our impression
My sons both seemed to like the pictures and my 5 year old liked the story too. Most of all though my preschooler totally loved the monster maker. There are pages divided into four segments, so you flip until you get the heads, tummies, hips and legs you want to create your own silly monster. My son said his favorite part was the spooky pictures, and if he could change one thing, he'd make the flaps lay flatter. So perhaps a tiny pocket along the edge to the page with Edgar on it so that kids could tuck the flaps into would make the book more appealing to younger readers. My husband and I also felt there was a lack of world building and character development. Why is Edgar bored with Halloween (this seems difficult for a kid to relate to without providing some explanation)? Is he a kid, and if so where are his parents, and if not, why is he so much shorter than his maid? Where did the shop come from? Where did it go? The lack of answers to these questions did not bother my son one bit, but they did leave my husband and I wishing they had put more of that sort of background information into the story.

Spooky monstrous fun without being too scary

Lack of world building

The bottom line
A fun book for kids who like monsters anytime, but especially for Halloween!

Get it

You can buy The Monsterator for $11.37 on Amazon at time of posting this review. 

I received a free copy of this book for review purposes but received no other compensation for this review.

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