Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why crunchyish moms should register on Amazon!

Creating a baby registry can be frustrating when many of the products you're interested in can't be bought in big box stores. Target seems to be the most common place to register for my friends & relatives (and where we registered in the past), but the options for carriers and cloth diapers and other things I love are so limited, it's difficult (if not impossible) to register for the things many families really want and need for their babies!

My solution? Register on Amazon! That's right, mega-site Amazon has the option to create baby registries to share with friends and relatives, and besides the amazing selection of Amazon itself, their baby registry program also features the ability to add items from any website! 

So, here are my top reasons crunchyish moms should create their baby registries on Amazon:

Easy to find
Your Aunt Louise may not know where the local cloth diaper store is or how to find the Babywearing Swap on Facebook, but I bet she can find Amazon!

Cloth diapers
Amazon has a surprisingly wide selection of cloth diapers. Whether you're looking for Pocket diapers, prefolds, covers, aio, hybrid, cloth wipes, sprayers, a spray pal, wet bags, pail liners, or cloth safe detergent, Amazon probably has it.

Pretty nursing bras and tanks
No story local to me even carries nursing bras in my size, let alone pretty ones. Amazon carries nursing bras from brands like HotMILK and Cake that are seriously gorgeous and come in a much wider range of sizes than anything available at the big box stores. 

Completion discount
All parents with an Amazon registry receive a 10% off discount for any registry items that aren't bought by 30 days before their baby's due date! 

Baby carriers
Amazon has a wide variety of high quality baby carriers, from soft structured carriers like Boba (my favorite) and Ergo and mei tais like the budget friendly  infantino mei tai to stretchy wraps from Boba and Moby and woven wraps from Ellevill, Didymos and more!

Natural bath/hygiene products
While some big box stores are beginning to stock more natural bath and hygiene products, it's still difficult to find a wide selection. Amazon has great toiletries for mom and baby, from brands like Earth Mama Angel Baby to baby gentle castile soap, natural deodorants, and even mama cloth!

I loooove Babylegs, and I love that you can find them on Amazon! I tend to buy lots of them straight from Babylegs for whoever I know who is pregnant at the time and save them for the baby showers. But if you love them *slightly* less and want to just get a pair or two, Amazon is a great way to go. 

Free shipping
Like all things on Amazon, baby registry items feature free shipping for prime members on prime eligible items and for all shoppers purchasing $35 or more in eligible items at one time (in my experience most, but not all, items directly from Amazon are eligible and it's usually items from other sites that are not eligible for free shipping)

Amazon giftcards
Indecisive friends and relatives can easily buy Amazon giftcards, which you can hoard to build up your stash of wraps or cloth diapers, buy a big ticket item like a carseat or changing table, or use on things you run out of often like coconut oil and soap!

Natural toys
From natural rubber teethers like Sophie the giraffe to wooden baby toys, Amazon has tons of toys that can't easily be found in big box stores!

Extended returns
There is a 90 day return period for Amazon baby store items purchased through your registry, which is awesome because no one wants to feel rushed to return stuff when they have a newborn to snuggle instead!

Support your favorite bloggers without spending any extra money
If you create an Amazon baby registry through an affiliate link like this one (or any of the others on my site or other participating blogs), that blogger will get a small bonus from Amazon (which doesn't affect how much you pay)! I have a few favorite bloggers who I know participate in the Amazon Associates program, and I often try to use Amazon links from their site when I see them advertising things I want, to show how much I love their blog!

Have you created or shopped from an Amazon baby registry? What did you think? 

I did not receive any compensation for this post. If you purchase something or create an Amazon registry through an affiliate link though, there is no cost to you but I get a teeny bit of Amazon's profits!

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