Monday, October 20, 2014

Why I love Hobo Mama and you should too!

Hobo Mama has been one of my favorite bloggers for several years, and in celebration of her being due this month with her third baby, I thought it'd be fun to tell you about my favorite posts on her blog so you can check them out!

I've always wished I had curly hair or that my hair would at least hold a curl, but no such luck...until I had kids! If it weren't for Hobo Mama's post, I might not have recognized my secretly curly hair or known what to do with it!!

This one is a life-saver. Side-lying nursing is such an essential skill for a successful breastfeeding relationship, but something we rarely see, even at a La Leche League meeting. Her great post and clear pictures make this a must-read for nursing moms and moms-to-be!

I've shared this with friends and in groups because it's just an awesome explanation of how to sew a mei tai along with clear pictures. Definitely the place to start if you want to sew a mei tai!

Are you a Hobo Mama fan too? What's your favorite post on her blog?!?

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Becca @ The Earthlings Handbook said...

I like her thorough review of cloth wipes for the bathroom and her post about postpartum sex. Thanks for spreading the word about Hobo Mama!