Thursday, May 22, 2014

My favorite cheap tops for postpartum/nursing!

I recently got a new top and it's awesome enough I wanted to share it with you in case anyone else is looking for pooch-friendly, nursing friendly, comfy, inexpensive top (or several!) My new top is this drapey black top from Sun N Moon brand via Zulily. The crisscross draping distracts from postpartum pooch, while the thinness of the fabric prevents it from adding bulk. The deep v of the neckline means that paired with a nurse tank or even a regular cami, it's easy to get good nursing access. Personally I love to pair it with a fun maxi skirt!
Sorry for the terrible selfie, but I figured the outfit was worth seeing even if that's the best pic I could get! In this pic I had only lost about 10-15lbs of the baby weight and still had 15ish to go to get down to a healthy weight for my height. I carry most of my excess weight in my stomach, but I do not think I look 15lbs overweight in this picture at all, and I think I look better in real life than in pictures with this top on. 
You can often find these tops on zulily by searching for "crisscross drape top", or occasionally "twist drape top", and they come in many colors and both long sleeve and tank top versions. If I did it right, this widget should automatically stay updated, so if there are any of these tops available from zulily that day, some of them should show up in it! Happy shopping!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little Life of Jesus Book Review

What it is
Little Life of Jesus is a book for preschoolers about the life of Jesus.

Who wrote it
Adeline Avril and Anne Gravier for Magnificat/Ignatius

Our thoughts

Biblically sound
Cute pictures
Nice amount of text for antsy preschoolers

Some details of crucifixion may be upsetting to some children

Get it

Little Life of Jesus is available from Amazon for $8.99 at time of posting this review. 

The bottom line
A great simple storybook about Jesus for toddlers and preschoolers. Perfect for Sunday morning diaper bags. 

I received a free copy of this book through the Tiber River review program in exchange for an honest review

Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm back!

I've been neglecting my blog for a little while and am back, ready to refocus and write lots! I am making a few changes to the format that I think will make this blog more fun for me to write and more fun for you to read. Here's what you can expect:

More posts about natural parenting and special needs (if you'd like to write a guest post, please email me!!)
More posts about natural parenting in general
More posts about DIY ideas for moms
More meaty posts, because those actually get the most views which tells me that's what you'd like to see more of!
More book reviews, because I really love book reviews...but I'll try to make sure they are interesting to crunchy conservatives
More video reviews, because I have so much fun making them
More carnival posts, links to guest posts I write on other blogs, and posts I love that my friends have written on their own blogs, because I love being part of a blogging community
Fewer random reviews, because I don't feel like they really add much to your reading experience and are therefore not worth the work

You can also continue to find me on Twitter and Pinterest, and follow me on Bloglovin to find out when I post something new and what I'm up to in between. Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My secret to gorgeous earrings under $2/pair

I have always been tempted by earrings at garage sales but hesitated because I'm a little bit germaphobic and a litle sensitive to some types of metal. But thanks to a quick stop at the craft store and a visit to my husband's toolbox, I developed a super easy system for upcycling garage sale earrings. 

Look for earrings that have a dangly part that you like and which includes a clear hole through which a hook goes. These are ones I found today for a quarter:

You'll also need hooks. I buy mine at Michaels craft store (they seem to almost always have a 40% off coupon on their website, so be sure to print one!) and it comes out to about $1/pair at my store after coupon. These are the ones I buy:
There are a variety of types and metals available, so pay close attention if you have sensitives (for example, I have better luck with gold or silver plating than with stainless steel). I like to keep both silver and gold on hand so I am ready anytime I find a great pair at a garage sale. My favorite type is French hooks, because if a baby tugs on them, the earring will come out of the hole rather than ripping through your ear (which happened to someone I know). 

Take the charm or dangly part of the earring off of its hook using a pair of pliers. This is the pair I like to use.

Most earrings are probably pretty clean, but I like to sanitize them before working with them just in case. For gold, I use 1 drop of dawn dish soap and a splash of ammonia and some hot water in a glass measuring cup. Use a toothbrush if there is visible gunk, but if they look okay, don't scrub with anything. Rinse well after a few minutes, and buff with a clean cotton cloth for optimal shine. For things like beads and painted steel (which is what I suspect these shamrocks are) I use dawn dish soap and hot water, but skip the ammonia for fear it will strip the paint. 

Slip the charm onto the hook from the back (poky side). 

Voila! Ready to wear! No one will know you only spent $2 and a little elbow grease!