Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wear them Wednesday May 13, 2105

On Wednesdays I sometimes blog about a wrap, sling, or other baby carrier I've tried and loved, one I hope to try someday, and one way to wear a wrap, sling, or other carrier. 

One I love
My favorite new wrap right now is Ovolo Summit Opal. This 100% cotton beauty is the kind of wrap that feels soft enough I wouldn't hesitate to wrap a newborn in it (I tend to gravitate towards pretty solid wraps though) but it's also sturdy enough that doing yard work with a 25lb toddler wrapped up feels nearly weightless. I would definitely call it grippy, not slippy, with not much stretch, but with enough to not be diggy. And it looks super cute with my teal dress! 

Right side: 

Wrong side:

And it's part of Ovolo's "budget line", so while the quality is still high, the price is a bit lower than some of the other Ovolo releases! And it comes with a super cute bag: 

Ovolo is a really great company run by a (super nice!) American mom and has wonderful customer service. In my opinion, this wrap definitely shows that their product quality is as high as their customer service standards. I would definitely recommend trying one someday if you get the chance!

One I want
Oscha Oz line! A creative Oscha fan started a Facebook campaign, the Oscha Oz Initiative aimed at convincing Oscha to create a line of wraps inspired by the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz." If Oscha ever decides to go for it, it's hard to predict which wraps they might choose, but of the ones the group has mocked up (these are pics of existing wraps from the Oscha website, re-colored with computer software to get some ideas of what potential colorways might look like!) I think I'd want one of these most: 

SekaiLove TinMan

Andaluz Dorothy

Or Nouveau Emerald City

Aren't they gorgeous?!? Join the Oscha Oz Initiative if you too want to encourage Oscha to take a journey somewhere over the rainbow!

One way to wear it
This great video from Babywearing Faith (who you really ought to follow on Facebook and YouTube if you're interested in learning new carries!) demonstrates how to do a Double Rebozo back carry with shoulder flip and candy cane chest belt. I'll try to update again later with a pic of me doing it if I'm successful!

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