Friday, June 19, 2015

Gerber All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

Gerber Childrenswear came out with a new AIO cloth diaper and I got to review it! Reasonably priced and already available online from Amazon, Target, and Walmart; this diaper could be a game changer. 

What it is
The Gerber All-in-One Cloth diaper is an all-in-one, sized diaper with double gussets and an optional booster

Who made it
Gerber Childrenswear, makers of the fabulous and accordingly ubiquitous Onesies® bodysuits and lots of other cute baby and toddler clothes. You can connect with Gerber Childrenswear on PinterestTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Our impressions

These AIO diapers are really trim and the size large fits nicely (but with room to grow) on my son who is 2 and weighs about 25lbs. I really like the idea of an aio with a pocket. Besides being nice to be able to add a booster insert for my heavy wetter, I also like that during the washing process it lets water and air get under the absorbent part of the diaper to help it get clean and dry more easily! 

For daytime, this diaper provided a good amount of absorbency and when I take it off, the insert I pull out is wet but the part that touches baby feels pretty dry (yeah, I touched the middle of a damp diaper just for you. You're welcome. I washed my hands well afterwards, I promise!). I really like that the part of the diaper that touches baby privates is cotton and I think the fabric feels nice to the touch. The underside of the pocket and of the insert are poly/rayon blend and don't feel particularly nice, but that never ever  touches baby skin so I don't think that matters at all. There's a little bit of PUL (the waterproof outer layer) that does touch baby skin, mainly the gussets, and it feels like pretty standard PUL to me and covers less surface area than the amount of PUL touching baby skin in some of the hybrid diapers I've tried from other brands, or when using inserts or prefolds folded certain ways and tucked into a PUL cover. It doesn't bother my son's skin. 

Overnight this diaper also did very well and did leak at all. The surface of the diaper and the insert were pretty damp most nights we tried it, but not enough to cause a rash even in my rash prone guy, so that was good. I will definitely consider this one of my most nighttime friendly diapers in my stash, which was a pleasant surprise!
These diapers are sized which makes it super trim and the large seems larger than most of my one-size diapers. Like any sized diaper, you'd have to basically buy a whole new stash for each size (but often people find they can skip sizes, or so I've heard from users of other brands of sized diapers). But even if you bought a new stash for each size and didnt sell any of them used or reuse them for another child(which isn't typical of how most people I know use cloth diapers), I think you'd still end up saving a ton of money vs using disposable diapers, while creating much less waste. 

These diapers are currently only available in hook & loop, but I found an easy solution to the toddler+ hook & loop problem, which for me is that my toddler can (and does) undo it himself: put on a Onesies® bodysuit over it! 

Luckily we already have some Gerber Onesies® bodysuits from when my older son was this age, and once I figured out how well it works, I went out and bought more! A lot of people only think of onesies for younger babies, but they actually come through a 24mo size, so for the majority of toddlers still in diapers, there'd be a Onesies® bodysuit that fits (try an extender tab if you need some extra length!)

This diaper is very easy to launder: there are laundry tabs on the back to prevent the velcro from snagging and they have worked well for me so far, and the whole thing can go in the washer and dryer (or line dry if you prefer) and got completely dry in one regular dryer cycle. 
I love the colors they chose to launch with:

Two pastels and two brights. I can't wait to see what other colors (and maybe even prints?!?) they come out with in the future. Id especially love it if they keep making them coordinate with other Gerber clothes.

I paired my sample diapers with an adorable set of fireman themed Gerber Onesies® bodysuits I found at Target, but there are tons of other adorable combos with some of the currently available Gerber clothes and the AIO colors they've released! Like how cute would these combos be: 

Ease of use
Ease of laundering

Only available in hook & loop

The bottom line
An effective, trim, very affordable AIO worth adding to your stash.

Get it
You can buy Gerber All-in-One Cloth diaper on Amazon for $12.99 at time of posting this review

I received some free Gerber AIO cloth diapers for review purposes. I received no other compensation for this post. 

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