Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lili Collection Toddler Moccasins Review

We got to review the cutest shoes and I can't wait to tell you all about them!
What it is
Adorable leather moccasins for toddlers! We got to try a pair of classic Animoccs in chocolate.

Who made them
These super cute Animoccs are from Lili Collection, a shoe line launched by a creative mom named Megan with an eye for fashion! 
While they do have tons of adorable girly options, like their sprinkle shoes,
I especially love that they didn't leave out the boys! ("Lili" is actually founder Megan's nickname for her son Liam!) Besides the Animoccs, which I totally love, they also have a variety of neutral and boy friendly shoe designs like these: 
Lili Bear moccasins in silver

For the latest scoop on their shoes, connect with Lili Collection on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Our impressions

We love these shoes! They are super soft and feel so nice, but you can also tell they're high quality and sturdy. I'm a big believer in the benefits of soft soled shoes for everyone but especially for babies and toddlers learning to walk and new to walking, so I love that they are soft soled and come in such a wide range of sizes. I would definitely recommend these to any parent, but especially to fellow parents of kids with Special needs who are looking for soft soled shoes in larger sizes. 
But practical benefits aside, I really love the styling! I think the whimsy is wonderful, and there is such a variety of choices so you can go more subtle and versatile like we did with chocolate, or more funky with some of the brighter colors and sillier themes. 
The only downside I can think of is price. Natural leather is such an awesome, sustainable material that's both soft and strong, but it is inherently expensive. I think these shoes are definitely worth it if you can justify that price point because they are stylish and high quality, but I do understand its a lot of money for one pair of shoes that may not last a super long time if your child's feet grow fast (I have to admit, cute shoes like this make me a little glad my son's feet don't grow terribly fast!!). 

Totally adorable
Wide range of sizes
Variety of colors and designs 

Leather is expensive

The bottom line
Durable, stylish shoes worth the splurge!

Get it
You can buy Animoccs and other with Lili Collection  shoes directly from them on their website. 

I received a free pair of shoes for review purposes and received no other compensation for this post. 

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