Monday, June 1, 2015

My First Sports Board Book Series Review: Soccer, Baseball, Football,and Basketball

We recently got to check out some awesome new books and can't wait to tell you about them!
What they are
The My First Sports Book Series is a set of 4 board books from Sterling Books featuring words and pictures from some of America's favorite sports. We got to check out My First Soccer Book, My First Baseball Book, My First Football Book, and My First Basketball Book

Who wrote them
The My First Sports Books are written and published by by Sterling Children's Books. You can connect with Sterling Books on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Our impressions

We really love these books. My husband commented that they seem like the kind of thing he can picture all of his friends buying at least one of when they become parents. And both of our boys were interested by them. Our toddler absolutely loves seeing all the pictures of kids playing sports and of the different types of balls. And our preschooler loves learning how to spell common sports words. He uses them as a reference to try to stump me when we play hangman! I also appreciate that the photos include kids and adults of both sexes--I wouldn't hesitate to buy these for my niece. 

There were a few pictures that required a little explanation or could've been more clear (like this picture of a team, but which appears to actually be two teams because two colors of jerseys? And the baseball diamond where the chalk line that creates the actual diamond is all worn off...) but most were pretty clear. I'd love to see them create a boxed set with all the titles and also expand in the future to include more sports like swimming, track, golf, and tennis. And maybe even ballet?!? As a mom of a kid with Down syndrome, I'd also like to challenge Sterling to include athletes with special needs in future my first sports books. Anyway, I love them enough exactly as they are that I think I might buy another copy of all 4 to send to my nephew for his first birthday!

Great vocabulary
Good pictures
Includes both sexes in photos

Some pictures a little unclear
Only available seperately right now

The bottom line
Adorable board books that I highly recommend for any family interested in sports!

Get it
You can get My First Soccer BookMy First Baseball BookMy First Football Book, and My First Basketball Book on Amazon for $6.95 or less each at time of posting this review. 

I received free copies of these books for review purposes. I received no other compensation for this post. 

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