Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lalaloopsy Tinies Review

What they are
Lalaloopsy Tinies are adorable dolls about 1.5" tall. Series 3, which is what we got to check out, includes curly plastic hair!

Who makes them
Lalaloopsy is part of the MGA family of brands. You can connect with Lalaloopsy on FacebookTwitterYouTubeGoogle +Instagram, and Pinterest to stay up to date on the latest products and news!

Our impressions
They are so cute!! I love the cheerful colors, the whimsical styling, and the wild curly hair. I enlisted the aid of my 4 year old niece to review them, and she too tends towards wild curly hair and whimsical styling, so I knew they'd be a big hit. The size of them makes them easily portable and perfect as car toys or for Church, or anywhere else that small toys you can play with discretely in your lap might be desired. I do like that they are much larger than the old school Polly Pockets I played with in the 90's because they'd be much harder to lose and much easier to see that they're in the path of a younger sibling in time to grab it and move it! They are small enough to be a choking hazard though so I definitely agree with the manufacturers recomendation of 4&up. 
One of the things I checked was whether the hair is braidable and it defintely is, which is a huge plus because braiding doll hair was one of my favorite things when I was in elementary school. Here's a braid I did quickly:
And I'm pretty sure you could do an even better job if you went a little more slowly and carefully!

My niece said her favorite part is "that they are so cute". She likes how small Lalaloopsy Tinies are, and that they fit in with her other dolls and dollhouse furniture.. She also likes that they have curly hair like she does! Her favorite one is the fairy one, of course!

Stylable hair
Good size for little hands and pockets

Choking hazard

Get it

You can find Lalaloopsy Tinies at a variety of brick and mortar and online toy retailers. They are $10.99 for a set on Amazon at time of posting this review. 

The bottom line
Adorable dolls for preschoolers and elementary age kids; they especially shine for travel and other times small quiet toys are best!

Thank you to MGA for sending a sample set of the dolls for review purposes! I received no other compensation for this review. 

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