Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Runaway Pumpkin Children's Book Review

It's finally fall! I'm so excited! All week I'll be posting about fun fall books and gear, so check back throughout the week for more fall fun! Let's kick it off with a great new book I got to review! 

What it is
A festive new picture book about a little pumpkin and his mom! 

Who wrote it
The Runaway Pumpkin is written by experience children's book author Anne Margaret-Lewisillustrated by Aaron Zenz and published by Sky Pony Press

Our impressions
My family thought this book was very cute and fun. My 6 year old enjoyed the story and thought it was fun to find the mommy pumpkin on each page. My 2 year old didn't seem interested in the story, but did love the adorable illustrations and started saying "pumpoo!" (his new word for pumpkin) largely thanks to reading this book and playing with some cute little real pumpkins I bought for him at the grocery store. I don't think imagining what you might do on Halloween is concrete enough of a concept for many 2 year olds, but I think most will enjoy the illustrations as much as my son did.  I love that The Runaway Pumpkin is full of seasonal Halloweeny fun but nothing spooky or scary (the little pumpkin in the book does have some friends who are ghosts and mummies and such, but they're almost as adorable as he is!). 
My 6 year old says "Anyone who likes pumpkins and Halloween would like this book. They should put it online so more mommies can read it to their kids."
And chose this as his favorite page: 

Seasonal but not scary
Encourages family spending time together

Plot too complex for toddlers

The bottom line
Cheerful picture book full of non-scary Halloween fun, highly recommended for the 3-6 year old crowd

Get it
You can buy The Runaway Pumpkin on Amazon for $12.79 at time of posting this review 

I received a free review copy of this book but received no other compensation for this review.


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I love books for my son! And I totally understand your son's favorite page- I love pirates, too.

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