Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Daddy Caddy Review

I got the chance to try out a fun new baby care product targeted at Dads and I can't wait to tell you about it! It's called the Daddy Caddy and this is the one we got to try:
What it is
A cool new way for dads (and anyone else!) to carry the necessities for caring for a little one for a short while. 

Who makes it
Go Mama Go Designs, the makers of Wonder Bumpers (bumpers for individual crib bars so they provide padding but no suffocation risk!)

Our impressions
I love how sturdy and well constructed the Daddy Caddy is. I can definitely tell it's not going to like fall apart after its only been used a few times. At first I was concerned with how small it is, but it does fit the smallest size package of wipes plus a few diapers (my son wears size 4 now when he uses disposables) so I think it'd work great for anytime I left my younger son with my husband or had grandma and grandpa babysit for a few hours. My husband actually used it while I went to a baby shower for a relative and it worked really well for him. 

My husband liked the design of it and the huge carbiner, which he thought could be handy for hooking to the jogging stroller if they went for a run or to his belt loop for a hike. We also like the little pocket that could fit a slim cell phone or a little cash or something else along those lines. And it was brilliant of them to make the inside lining waterproof so anything that needs to be stashed in there can (like if my husband really was hiking in the woods and didn't have anywhere to throw away a used diaper and wipe for a while!)

We chose the blue canvas, but all of the colors are very dad friendly. And the black leather one looks so luxurious!

Water resistant lining

Only fits small package of wipes

The bottom line
A deceptively small bag just right for holding diapering necessities for a short adventure!

Get it
You can purchase the Daddy Caddy  for $19.99 to $29.99 at time of posting this review. 

Thank you to GoMamaGo Designs for providing a sample for review purposes. I received no other compensation for this post.